Mineral Processing & Metallurgical Consultants

Detailed process design and flowsheet development is our core business. It establishes the foundation for a plant that will deliver optimum performance from your assets.

Metallurgical Testwork Management

The design process starts in the field, as we work closely with project geologists to develop a sampling program that will provide an accurate picture of the orebody and its mineralogy. From there, we design a metallurgical testwork regime, manage laboratory analysis and interpret key results from initial concept through to operating plants.

Testwork programs vary depending on the maturity of the project, whether we are making assessment for an initial scoping study, a full feasibility or detailed engineering design purposes. Programs may also be tailored for special purposes such as generating bulk product samples for marketing or downstream testing or as a pilot run to refine plant design.

Flowsheet Design

Flowsheet development underpins the success of a project and BatteryLimits has extensive experiencing designing the best treatment process for many different minerals.

We specialise in complex ores, requiring innovative solutions, and are leaders in the extraction of emerging commodities, including lithium, vanadium and graphite.

Computer modelling, using sophisticated tools such as Limn and MetSim, help deliver quick, accurate design results.


Driving the best performance from your assets is critical and BatteryLimits specialises in optimising flowsheets and existing process plants, particularly those that are under-performing, near capacity or earmarked for expansion.

Working in a brownfields context demands experienced thinking and systematic engineering to identify operating constraints and boost output. BatteryLimits uses its skill and experience, combined with advanced software, to model the process and design the best solution to minimise capital costs and optimise your economic returns.

Our engineering resources are backed by the operations support needed to implement changes with high standards of quality and safety.


  • Testwork planning, coordination and analysis
  • Flowsheet development
  • Process engineering design
  • Detailed engineering
  • Process optimisation
  • Plant expansion
  • Due diligence
  • Independent review