Engineering innovation cuts study and project costs

13th February 2019

Posted in: News

BatteryLimits has established a network of international alliances that is helping drive down plant infrastructure and capital costs for Australian resource projects.

As process engineering specialists we have partnerships with leading equipment suppliers and technical service providers worldwide. This gives our clients access to some of the world’s most innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions and means big savings in both time and cost.

“Contracting strategy, infrastructure and process plants are the biggest capital cost drivers for a project. This is where our supply strategy really makes a difference,” said BatteryLimits CEO Dave Pass.

“The ability to deliver cost-effective detailed engineering to exacting Australian standards makes it possible for us to reduce engineering and project implementation costs without compromising quality or safety.

“The relationships we have established with leading equipment suppliers and EPC providers around the world has enabled up to identify savings of up to 30 per cent on the traditional cost of process plant development.”

BatteryLimits is headed by metallurgists and engineers with decades of mining industry experience. As a team, we have been involved with landmark resource developments across Australia, Asia and Africa for the past 15 years. Together, we have undertaken numerous studies and project development activities in some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations.

We specialise in project management, management of metallurgical testwork, establishment of the process flowsheet, process engineering and discipline engineering. Once the flowsheet is established and the process engineering packages prepared, the team uses its international network to source cost-effective detailed engineering which is carried out under Australian engineering supervision.

BatteryLimits has a reputation for delivering high quality studies at competitive costs and working closely with its clients to deliver projects in challenging locations. It is currently working on studies and pre-implementation activities for projects in Tanzania, Madagascar, Middle East and Australia.

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